John C. Bush is a Local Hemet Attorney for the past 25 years practicing in Hemet, California engaged chiefly in injury law. He limits his practice to workers’ compensation injuries at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and Personal Injury litigation in the California Superior Court.   He want’s to be your injury lawyer.

Serving you throughout Riverside County


  •   No Attorneys fees until we settle or try your case, if there is no recovery, no fee.
  •   Home or Hospital visits if you are unable to come to our office.
  •   Court costs may be advanced on your behalf.
  •   Most cases settled out of court or in advance of trial.
  •   Medical care specialists and treatment on a lien can be arranged for you if necessary.

Steps to follow after an auto accident

When you are involved in an auto accident, it can be hard to remain calm. Here are some basic procedures to follow if you become the unfortunate victim of an auto accident.

  • Gather information.
    Speak with everyone who witnessed the auto accident. Write down names, contact information, and any statements the witnesses make regarding the collision. These pertinent details could be helpful to your case later.
  • Call a doctor.
    Visit a physician immediately if you are injured. Tell your doctor specific information regarding your injuries and how the wreck occurred. The time and date of first onset, e.g. “I was hit at noon on Friday and by Saturday morning my neck was so stiff I could not turn it, it hurts. Be sure
    and describe all symptoms to the doctor, all places on your body you hurt.
  • Notify your insurance company.
    Report the auto accident to your insurance company, however, don’t sign anything.
  • Call a lawyer.
    Call the personal injury lawyers at John C. Bush & Associates.

We Can Help you with:

  • Medical care and medical experts are available to help with your treatment or on your case and may be obtained on a lien basis.
  • Our practice consists of representing injured victims, no matter how or where you were injured, we can help.
  • From All personal Injury cases, from pedestrian versus automobile, catastrophic personal injuries, wrongful death, products liability, toxic torts, vehicle accidents and collisions of every kind, defective products. Brain injury to nursing home abuse.
  • Anyone bitten by a dog should seek legal advise right away. Dog bite cases require an early investigation by the lawyer